Road Bloggin'

Here I sit in the lobby of the Best Western in Tuscaloosa. It's really weird to be blogging from here, but this is a lot better than no blogging at all.

We had an eneventful drive down here this morning, other than the driving rain, and the gusting winds that threatened to hurl the little shop van into the hinterlands, it all went smooth. There's another thing that had me a bit nervous, Bryan is the worst driver known to man. He pays no attention to where he's going, or what is immediately around the vehicle. He also seems to have no idea of how to keep a motor vehicle in its intended lane for more than 15 feet at a stretch. I don't see how he hasn't crashed us into anyone yet, but I hold out hope to actually survive the trip. If I have to, I'll take his keys away from him.

Once we finally reached our destination, we went right to work. We got all the rails installed, and the controller set, before we knocked off for the evening. Really good progress considering that he has only helped one guy put in another one of these stair chairs, and I haven't even done that. We're rocking this thing together, and if we do it right, we'll have the lift running tomorrow evening. I still won't be back in town until Wednesday, due to the travel time, but only taking two days to install one of these is considered "quick".

I'm off to do alittle light reading and have a beer or two before I toddle on to bed. Just thought I'd update...because I could.