So, I was talking on the phone to Eric last night, and he asked me "When are you gonna make out to another Pool-Night?" Unfortunately, I don't frickin' know. (BTW, I completely forgot the numbers you gave me for your cell. I tried to call back, but I couldn't find the right combination of numbers. Sorry.) I've been trying to shoehorn some semblance of a "life" into the periods of time when I'm not working. It's kind of trying when you had a week like this last one.

I've travelled something on the order of 1250 miles, went from working in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (decent town, not too big, not too small, cosmopolitan where it needed to be.) to Robbins Tennessee (No cell service, front of the sign reads "Welcome to Robbins", back of the sign reads "Thanks for visiting. Come back again"), and put in a 54 hour work week. Personal time is at a premium. Wednesday night, I went out with friends, and was up until 2:30 in the morning. Thursday I worked nine and a half hours, and still went out with a friend that evening. Also, I was offerred the opportunity to go to the Nascar Busch series race up in Bristol, TN, which I promptly agreed to. Today, I got to do a light day of only eight hours, and got home to a housefull of kids. Three eight year olds, and two fourteen year olds. All female.

While I was trying to wind down from the week, I got a call from Tammi, and she suggested that we have supper tomorrow night, as she is going to stop over on her return trip to Orlando. The time-frame for her arrival could conflict with the race, so I had to call my cousin and beg off at the last minute. I feel like a heel for doing it, but I'll not have many more opportunities to see Tammi without a ten-hour drive being involved. The racetrack will still be a couple of hours up the road, so I gotta go see my Tammi-licious while she's nearby.

This is a normal week for me anymore. I make a plan, and it changes, and then it changes again. I have to make time for my family, and I have to make time for my friends, and it is very difficult to justify that with a career that is very demanding on my time and taxing on my mind and body. Sometimes things (and people) wind up slipping through the cracks. I HATE that. Thee are people I want to spend time with, and there are things I want to do, and they never seem to justify themselves, so I am constantly making concessions. It makes life a bit...hectic.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.