How'd that happen?

One year ago today, I posted that:

But...I have plans to move this thing up the charts so far that I won't even be able to remember the little people I stepped on to get there. :)

Hmmn. How'd that work out? Not too good. Only 8200 on the old sitemeter. I guess that Life just happenned between then and now, and I'm not able to dedicate the kind of time it takes to create a really big blog.

If I only had the choice between blogging, and going out and Living, well I say "Choose Life". No that I'm giving it up or anything 'cuz I can do both, just neither as well as I'd like to.

At any rate, I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the most outstanding people in my life, made a few new friends, and sired a couple of blogs along the way. All, it's been a damned interesting year.

I ain't goin'

In regards to my headache problems that I've been suffering, I've been admonished to "go to the damn doctor" a couple of times. Unfortunately, I don't trust doc's enough in these situations to go talk to 'em.

You see...each of us has a unique physiognomy. We all will react to different treatments in differing ways. If you've not gone to the same doctor for the majority of your life, then you are seeing someone who is working off of averages to determine what is acceptible in any given situation. For me, that ain't good enough.

I see a scenario where I show up and explain my current headache issues, and the doc responds with a battery of tests. Since I don't regularly see a doc, then my results will be compared against national averages. I'd be prescribed every type of medication from high blood pressure to mood enhancers, just to deal with my little issue. Not to mention the "Drug of the week" (brought to you by big pharmaceutical amalgamated) that treats hives, headaches, vaginal drip, rickets, and erectile disfunction. (Side effects may include: headache, back pain, sexual disorders, anal bleeding, backache, headache (yes, I said it twice), nasal leakage, anal leakage, poor birth wieght, nausea, and depression.)

I Fucking Think Not.

I'll beat this eventually, and I'll be fine without the side effects listed above. This is just a long-winded way of saying... I ain't goin'.