Great visit

It didn't last long enough, but hey, I took what I could get. Silly girl tried to pay for lunch, or at least her's, well I put my foot down. She altered her route to come through my hometown just to visit for a short while, and I was gonna be damned if she payed for a meal on my watch. To her credit, she relented quickly, and let me have my way for a change. It is Tammi's World after all.

(Brief interlude) Since I was typing this, I was thinking about her, so I had to pick up the phone and make sure that she was okay. 42 minutes later, we hung up the phone. :^) Tammi's fine. Yawning a little bit (Duh. She's been on the raod since 7:00 this morning), but she's within an hour of "home", so she'll be just fine. I went out on the front porch while talking to her, and there has been a little rain (aka: torrential downpours) this afternoon, so I couldn't sit down. Everything is wet. So I set my bourbon glass down on the porch, and was pacing around like I am wont to do when on the phone. After speaking for awhile, I went back to retrieve my glass and get another "sup" of the Old Kentucky, and I found a (shell-less) snail had climbed almost to the rim of my glass. That little fucker didn't even offer to go in "halvsies" on the bottle, so I flicked him into the weeds. Dirty little snail tyring to wolf my booze. He's lucky that I was in a favorable mood, or I'da squished him into paste. (Interlude abates)

If you think Cody's picture is cute, you should meet the little bugger in the flesh. I'm here to tell you that he's a "Born Killer", and he's "Meaner than a stripe-ed snake." I'm just happy that Tammi never used his code word for "Go for the frickin' jugular" when I was around him, else the only thing that I could post here would be "RIP" (by slapping wads of ectoplasm upon my keyboard). It wouldn't have been pretty. There's evidence of this epic meeting between the most important male in Tammi's life and myself. It'll surface sooner or later.)

We had an exemplary meal at this little Italian place that I had recommended. (Actually, it's a place not too far off of the Interstate that I've been meaning to go to for awhile, but just didn't have a good excuse.) The restaurant's name has the word "Johnny" in it, so you know it had to be good. The meal was exquisite, and the company was without compare. Many subjects were covered, and no secrets were revealed. We had fun, and I got to see Tammi's winning smile. (She's stingy with it) All in all, I had a great day, and I hope that I was able to help her through her trip. If you have the means, and you get a minute, call her and tell her how special she is, if you can get a word in edgewise.)

All I can say is: I hope she makes it there safely, and when she comes back through town, I'll bring the kids out to meet her too. Should be fun.