There may yet be hope

Yesterday was spent decompressing with family. I went down to the "'rents" houseboat, and spent the day going for a ride with them. Two hours downstream to a place called Prater Flats. The water there was the clearest I've ever seen on Fort Loudon Lake. the temperature was absolutely perfect as well.

I went through a "five pack" throughout the day, and didn't even touch the first one until after 1 pm. I was doing good. (BTW the sixth beer went to my brother-in-law. He even asked me for it, but hell he's offered me a few over the time that I've known him, so I figured that he would know that if he wanted one, just grab it. I kind of feel like an ass for not offering him one anyways.) Then we looked up and saw the storm was heading our way. Alas, time to go.

We were towing my BIL's "Fish 'n' Ski" behind the houseboat so that if my sister's chow-dog had to go potty, they could run him over to shore, and he could take care of bidness. This became problematic when Dad decided it would be best to try and stop and wait things out for awhile.

At this time, it's raining like "a cow pissing on a flat rock", but there's nothing to do but go out and make sure that the "little boat" doesn't bash into the "big boat" when dad is trying to get her under anchor. Wind is whipping, lightning is flashing, and the thunder rolls. Johnny is out in the small boat (still tethered to the big one) trying to bring it alongside to tie her fast. Nothin' doin'. Every time I get lined up on the side of the houseboat, Dad has to move it in reaction to the vagaries of wind, water, tide, shore, and the anchor. At last, I throw up my hands and bestow upon them to "untie me" which they promptly did.

I figured that I would just stay close to the "home on water" until dad got the anchors to catch and then I'd tie off. The problem on was that the anchors never got dug in. After a few minutes of the other boat jockeying around, and me moving to avoid it, I decided that shelter for me was in order, so I headed upwind. In this case, "upwind" was straight across the channel, and I was lucky to find an abandoned dock to tie off to. It even had a tree for me to stand under, so I coould pretend that I wasn't getting even more drenched than I already was. Sweet.

No sooner than I got settled beneath my tree, I see Dad's "floating trailer" heading further upstream. "Unloosen" the ski-boat, and head on out again. Several narrow-misses later, (Some dipshit in a small cabin cruiser decided that it was a good idea to cut straight in front of the houseboat. This is decidedly "bad form", as the bigger boat always has the right of way.) Words and gestures were exchanged between floating apperati. I'm certain it would have come to blows if there hadn't been the little matter of a lake between the vessels.

I had them toss me my extra (aka. dry) pack of smokes, and it was decided that I would go ahead into the Marina, and catch them when they came in with the big boat. Off I go. Have I mentioned that raindrops that hit your unprotected skin at 45 mph hurt? The long an the short of it, is that I had a wonderful time getting rained on with my family. (even though they were safely under cover for the most part.)

What about the title of this post? You may ask. Well, when I came out of the store for my lunch break, I found a note on my van. It was written on a sheet torn from a stylized pad in the shape of a Panda bear. The script wa aparrently from a female of the species. (Who else would have a "Panda Pad" in the car?) It read as follows: " Your right rear tire is flat. Thought you should know."

that sucks, but I'm so pleased that someone took the time out of their day to ensure that I was aware of the potential safety hazard I could have been. Panda woman, (I don't care if it's just wishful thinking) I think I Love you. Can you keep a secret?

Never tell nobody nothing

Well it was (at least) four months ago when I told a person who I thought was is a friend of mine about something that I asked them to keep to themselves. At the time I was "fitshaced", I mean I was "Gunk", and I called her up. What can I say? I was hurtin' and I needed to get some things offa my chest.

Now here's a little bit of trivia. I once took an IQ test when I was stone drunk. I'm talking Ooooooo-bliterated. I scored a 123. Considerably lower than my usual 165, but still well above average. Also, I have never gotten drunk and forgotten what happened the night before. Not once.

The recipient of the call happens to live in California (I shoulda known it would end badly), so I figured that it would be okay to talk to her. Distance as a defense, and all that. One of her close friends happens to be my roommate's wife. I'm sure that you can see where this went.

RMW comes into my living room (out of a clear blue sky), and makes a comment in regards to the thing that I told the Californian. Then she trys to play it off like she doesn't know what she just told me, and was being vague, so I was vague right back at her, and let it drop. At this point I am pissed.

So, last night I called up the Californian. We had a nice, pleasant conversation. I went over the bits of trivia I discussed above, and at this point in our talk I'm practically in a Soliloquey, so I just roll on into the tale of the discussion that the RMW and I had. Roughly 5 seconds later, "I've gotta go" wafts through the phone receiver. At that point I went from pissed to livid.

Whenever I get to feeling that there may be a little hope for the rest of humanity, something like this happens. I guess I'm just a little naieve about jasminlive people, or it could be that I have lulled myself into believing that other people might actually keep their fucking word.

If someone asks me not to tell anyone else about something, guess what? I don't. It's just that simple. I believe that honesty is a virtue to hold dear. Obviously the majority of the rest of the populace does not share this sentiment with me.

Can you believe that people have actually had the balls to ask my why I'm cynical?

In admiration?

Alex recently linked to me about my whole retail rant, but I just noticed the Category that he placed it in, entitled "In Admiration of Better Writers". I tend to disagree with his summation here, as I have not endeavored to write a Fiction Novel of such an interesting story.

If you are one of the few people who read me, and don't read Harvey, then you really should go check out Alex's serial novel entitled "The Witch Hunter". It's a daily read for me. (Not merely because his story is very intrigueing, but due to the fact that he posits his idea's really well.)

Alex and his wife Sally, are people who I would never have "met" if it hadn't been for the blogosphere. If they were just "normal folks" over there in the "U.K", my chances of sharing ideas with them would be literally zero, Full Stop.

I feel as if I could meet these people in a "pub" somewhere, and strike up an intelligent conversation about pretty much anything. I hope I get the opportunity to do so someday, as good people are hard to find even in the best of times.

What I mean to say here is that I find it very special that people from several different times zones away, find it interesting to read what I write on I rarely reciprocate the "Love" I get from them, but nonetheless, it is much appreciated. This post is my little contribution to their blogging causes. If they're not regular reads of your's, make them so. We should all be so blessed with their friendship.

My copilot

After I posted this morning, I did not "pass go", and went directly to the lake to spend some time with my parents. I always enjoy it when I go out there, whether I'm out in the fishing boat with my Dad, sitting on the front deck of the houseboat with my Mom, or having a meal with both of them and a few of thier neighbors. Another bonus is that my Sister and Brother-in-Law also have a boat there at the Marina, so when I can get sown there on a weekend, I get to spend time with the whole "Fam Damnly" as it were.

It wasn't too long after I arrived that my Dad suggested that the "Jet Ski needs a workout", so I took it out for a little spin. Went across the lake and ogled a lot of very nice boats at the local yacht club. There's one out there that just stuns me every time I see it. 75 or 80 feet long, two enclosed decks, and another open deck above, two radar sets, I've never been inside that mother, but I'm sure it's just as beautiful. " 'N My Dreams"? You bet.

But that's not what I've come to talk about tonight. I came here to show you a little something. Here's the lead in: Dad suggested a little water skiing, and I was "down" with the idea. We all loaded up on the Jet-Ski, and headed out for the "Main Channel" of the river. Dad was driving, Mom was spotting, and I was out there on the ski's just having a ball. On ther first run, I was having fun messing with the local wildlife. Shortly after I "got up" on the ski's, Dad is steering around a couple of ducks that were just hanging out and minding their own business. Well, this would not do, so I jumped the wake, and headed right for the little web-footed quacker's. They (for good reason) vacated the general area, and I had a Big Grin on my face because I got to mess with a few water-fowl. (No birds were harmed in the making of this post.)

After awhile, my feet began to hurt (Because you set the bindings too tight, you idiot.) and my back was starting to hurt, (Because you're no longer sixteen, you moron.) so I decidedto throw the "Shut it down" signal and take a little break. I coast to a stop, and promptly sink down into the water to become wholly supported by my floatation vest.

After playing human "Bobber" for awhile, and just talking with the 'Rents (who remained aboard the Jet-Ski) I see a flash of color out of my left eye. After checking in that direction to find out what it was, I found a little frog had decided that I was a good stopping point for his trek across the lake. This little cuss just jumped right up on the shoulder of my float vest, and made himself "to home".

It became time to go for another run, so we set things up and took off. Just after I got on top of the water, I looked over to my right, and that little frog was still there. I'm not saying that he was giving me the "Peace sign" or anything, but he was definately hanging out and enjoying the ride. Shortly thereafter, after cutting a few wakes, I could no longer see my "little buddy" so I thought that he'd found the experience a little too intense, and hopped along his merry way. I was wrong.

My "leetle fraind" had decided that I was really cool and wanted to hang with me, so he stuck around long enough for my Mom to take a few candid shot of him. You can "Bear Witness" of them in the extended entry.


James Wilhoit!!!! The guy who missed an extra point with a minute and change left on the clock, making it 28 to 27 Florida. He's the kid who kicked a 50 yard (that's right a FIFTY yard) field goal with just a few seconds left on the clock.

Special teams steps up and makes a key stop on the kickoff return, thereby securing the win at 30 to 28 Tennessee Victory! What a fine ball game! Lot's of risks taken. Lots of mistakes capitalized on. This was a Helluva fight that went right down to the wire. Just the way football should be be.

Just go ahead and break out that marker Tammi, I believe you're gonna need it.

(Cry's a few tears for Tammi and Boudicca. As their shame subsides, remember that there is Love. I'll not disown you, as long as you don't disown me.)


I've got a problem here people. You see, my local cable provider has WGN on channel 7, and the Cubs just started a game against the Reds. as I've stated before, I'm a Cubs fan, so I'd really like to watch the game. But I have duties.

Channel 8 is WVLT. The "W" is for "East of the Mississippi", and the "VLT" is for "Volunteer". As in The University Of Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols are having a little contest this evening with the Florida Gators (who are gonna lose). As a member in good standing of the Rocky Top Brigade, there's no way I can miss this game. I'm not sure that death would be a good excuse to miss this game.

(Moises Alou just spanked a Solo shot out of the park! Woot!)

Sorry about that. As I was saying...I Love my Cubbies, and I don't get a chance to see them play nearly enough, but tonight, I'm just going to have to "take one for the team" and watch some "Oblong Ball". I am happy that the channels are right next to each other, so I can switch between them with ease during commercial's and such.

Tammi and Eric have a side-bet going as well, so I'll have to make sure that I have my "gloating" post ready for when Tammi loses. Should be fun.

UPDATE 9:42 PM Gators 21 Volunteers 14 at halftime. Cubs 5 Reds 6 in the Top of the 8th 2 outs 0-2 is the count with runners at first and second. I think I feel an Ulcer coming on.

Update 10:10 PM Cubs lose 5 to 6. Dambit! Tennessee just stopped Florida's first drive in the second half. Maybe something will go good today.

UPDATE 10:45 PM Tie ballgame. 21 to 21. The Vols defense woke up and stopped them short. The Gators missed a key field goal, and TN took control. Eric Ainge threw a pinpoint pass to the front corner of the endzone to score the touchdown. WooHoo!